Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from vermicompost and or compost. It is made by steeping the compost in water to make a liquid suspension that is packed with nutrients to spray onto crops. When sprayed on the leaves, compost tea helps suppress foliar diseases, increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins. Using compost tea has even been shown to increase the nutritional quality and improve the flavor of vegetables.

Compost Tea

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Growing Solutions Tea Catalyst (15 Oz)

Growing Solutions\' new Compost Tea Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated compost tea production.Features Catalyst Booster that is...
Sales price: $24.99

Vermifeast Compost Tea Food Source (2 Gal.)

Vermifeast is a compost tea food source containing specific simple and complex carbohydrates. This allows microbes to multiply and become more active. This produces high quality compost tea in less...
Sales price: $82.99

Growing Solutions System10 Compost Tea Brew System

Growing Solutions 10 Gallon Compost Tea Brewing system. Uses fine bubble diffusion technology for superb aeration. ideal for homeowners, small nursery operations and research environments.
Sales price: $599.99
SKU: E154