Temperature Controllers and Garden Protection

TMP-1-s2Plants need specific environments to grow to their fullest potential. Controlling the temperature and lighting is extremely important for the health of plants.

Some indoor grow lights can replicate the intensity and temperature of direct sunlight at the equator at noon and therefore produce a substantial amount of heat. Having protective stops and timers in place to protect these plants can mean the difference between healthy produce and a pile of dry leaves.

Temperature Controllers and Garden Protection

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Adjustable Heating and Cooling Thermostat with Probe

This thermostat controls any cooling system and has a 15 amp rating at 120 Volts. It features a 3 ft temperature sensor and automatically activates heating or cooling systems.
Sales price: $67.99

Autopilot Analog 24hr Day and Night Thermostat

This day and night thermostat enables the user to keep their growing environment in a safer growing range. It has a built in thermometer and photocell.
Sales price: $69.99

Complete Adjustable Thermostat Day and Night

This thermostat controls electrical cooling and heating systems and has a 15 amp rating at 120 Volts. It features a 12 ft temperature probe and day and night settings.
Sales price: $83.99

Advanced HID Lighting Controller with 15 Minute On-Delay 120V

This device protects plants against high temperatures and also protects grow bulbs from power interruption related damage. This one device can save hundreds on replacement parts.
Sales price: $84.99

Variable Fan Speed Controller and Temp Regulator

This variable speed fan controller and temperature regulator controls the speed of centrifugal fans as the temperature increases or decreases. Comes with day and night controls.
Sales price: $104.99

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Controller

This device controls the humidity in an area. With a user adjustable humidity level and the ability to activate a humidifier and dehumidifier.
Sales price: $117.99

Independent Temperature and Humidity Controller

This controller features independent outlets for controlling temperature and humidity. If temperature limits are exceeded only the temperature outlet will be activated.
Sales price: $148.99

C.A.P. Complete Greenhouse Controller

The complete greenhouse controller controls every aspect of indoor gardening. Controls lighting, temperature, humidity, supplemental CO2 and pumps.
Sales price: $419.99

Biowave Sub Sonic Sound Device for Growing

The Biowave Sub Sonic Sound Device increases plant yields by an average of 20% and total dissolved solids by 55%. It helps to enhance plant metabolism, photosynthesis and growth.
Sales price: $2,179.99
SKU: HF-BW92000