Natural and Organic Herbicides

Organic farmers and gardeners will consistently rank weed control as one of their major production problems as the use of herbicides has always been banned in organic production in the past. However we can now offer an alternative to toxic synthetic chemical herbicides with our range of Organic safe herbicides that use all-natural ingredients and some of which have been approved by the the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as suitable for Organic production. Unlike synthetic herbicides they are not toxic to the environment, the use natural ingredients and when used correctly are not harmful to humans and animals.


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Natural Vinegar Herbicide

Natural Vinegar Herbicide contains 100% natural ingredients and is USDA approved for removing weeds in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This is 1 gallon that is ready to use.
Sales price: $33.99

Nature’s Avenger Citrus Herbicide - 1 Gal

A citrus oil-based herbicide designed to meet the demands and needs of homeowners and businesses looking for an alternative to synthetic herbicides or less effective "natural" weed killers....
Sales price: $79.99
SKU: JS9883

Moss Killer Concentrate (4 gallons)

This moss killer concentrate quickly and easily kills all kinds of moss on sidewalks, bricks, patios, roofs and anywhere else. Works overnight, allowing you to sweep moss away the next day.
Sales price: $179.99
SKU: 400422