Watering Timers

Watering Timers

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Nelson Mechanical Soaker Watering Timer

This mechanical timer features a unique dual shut-off function. It can either be set to continually water for up to three hours, or it can be set to a 'soaker' setting that lets water flow for five...
Sales price: $16.99
SKU: 56600

Nelson 2-in-1 Pre-Set Digital Watering Timer

Digital LCD time display. Superior ease of use, no programming required. 9 pre-set selections ideal for lawn watering with another 9 selections perfect for drip system applications
Sales price: $34.99
SKU: 56606

Mister Timer Electronic Irrigation Timer

This easy to set timer lets you water up to 6 times a day from 1 minute of watering to 4 hours. With a manual setting that gives you 30 minutes of water without upsetting the original setting.
Sales price: $39.99
SKU: 62057

Melnor AquaTimer 4-Zone Digital Water Timer

The AquaTimer simultaneously controls 4 separate irrigation zones. It features manual overrides on each zone and the large LCD screen displays all settings at the same time.
Sales price: $79.99
SKU: AML-3280