Heterotrophic Aerobic Biological Activity Reaction Test – 5-0027

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This test kit is for testing heterotrophic aerobic microorganisms in water samples. These microorganisms can corrode, foul, jam and produce slime in water systems and equipment.
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Heterotrophic Aerobic Biological Activity Reaction Test – 5-0027

0BART-sA biological activity reaction test, or BART, is a simple, safe and effective method for monitoring the population size and activity of specific groups of bacteria. A BART test usually takes 2 to 8 days of incubation at room temperature, giving the user the flexibility of performing the test without a laboratory setting.

The BART bio-detector requires no microscope, laboratory or special equipment. It takes advantage of microorganisms individual interests to reveal their identity and population. Different microorganisms like to grow at different heights in a column of water to which nutrients are added.

BART bio-detectors contain nutrients in the base of a column of water and a ball floating at the top to restrict the amount of oxygen entering the water column. Aerobic organisms grow around the ball and anaerobic organisms will grow deep down in the water column.

Results are determined by noting the rate of change of color of the test as microorganisms at the bottom of the water column consume the nutrients. Different organisms are encouraged to grow with different nutrients on the bottom of the tube.

This test is designed to detect heterotrophic aerobic microorganisms.

Test Includes:

  • 9 Test vials with media and BART ball
  • Outer tubes for spill containment, odor control, disinfection and disposal

Unit Ship Weight: 1.5 lbs



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