Total Coliform Testing Kit (Pack of 4) – 4-3616

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This test kit is designed to test both potable water and water from steams, lakes and ponds. This simple test procedure is performed over 44 to 48 hours.
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Total Coliform Testing Kit (Pack of 4) – 4-3616

4-3616-sThis testing kit is designed to test the total coliforms in water samples. This test kit is great for testing potable water as well as other water sources. Designed to be simple to perform, this test kit includes everything needed to test total coliforms. This kit contains 5 test tubes for 5 different tests. The test tubes are marked at the 10ml line and feature a nutrient rich tablet for promoting the growth of coliforms.

The test procedure consists of adding the sample water to the test tubes and then leaving them for 44 to 48 hours to incubate and return a result. If coliforms are present the gelling substance at the bottom of the test tube will slowly rise to the top as gasses are produced by the microorganisms.

The solution will also change to a yellowish color with a cloudy substrate beneath the gelling solution. A detailed guide is included with the test kit and the instructions which are attached to this page should help to answer any additional questions.

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