Dewitt Enriched Biodegradable Paper 5-5-5 (3’ x 300’)

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Product Weight 40.00 Pounds
This biodegradable paper is an excellent weed barrier in vegetable or flower gardens. It is enriched with 5-5-5 NPK fertilizer which acts as a slow release food source for plants.
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Dewitt Enriched Biodegradable Paper 5-5-5 (3’ x 300’)

Enriched biodegradable paper mulch with a 5-5-5 NPK rating that is designed for annual gardens and plantingsbiodegradablepaper-s


  • OMRI Listed
  • Guaranteed 5-5-5 NPK Rating
  • Allows air and water to pass through
  • Made from natural paper fiber
  • Gradually decomposes
  • Lasts a full growing season
  • No clean up, tillable into soil
  • Excellent for vegetable gardens and flower gardens

This biodegradable paper is a safe, organic and effective way of dealing with weeds in gardens. It features slow release fertilizers with an NPK rating of 5-5-5. As the paper slowly breaks down with water and microbial activity the fertilizers are released into the soil. This adds to the over all soil quality and provides food for the plant while protecting it from weeds.

This paper is designed to roll out over a garden, have holes cut for crop plants to grow through and keep out unwanted weeds. The paper allows water and air to pass through while preventing weeds from getting sunlight.

This paper is biodegradable and is designed to last one full growing season, after which it can be tilled into the soil where it dissolves and adds organic matter to stimulate microbial life. This biodegradable paper weed barrier is designed to have no clean up and allow healthy functioning of gardens.

Unit Ship Weight: 30 lbs (Large package is equivalent to 40 Lb)



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