Dewitt Tree Wrap Polypropylene Fabric (3in x 50ft) 24 Pack

Product Weight 6.00 Pounds
This tree wrap fabric is made from polypropylene fabric. It is designed to protect tree bark from scorching, mice, trimmers etc. It photo degrades over time which prevents girdling.
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Dewitt Tree Wrap Polypropylene Fabric (3" x 50’) 24 Pack

Protects trees from scorching and from trimmer/mower damageTREE_WRAP-s


  • Photodegradable Polypropylene fabric
  • Fabric decays and disintegrates as the tree grows
  • Easily conforms to fit any tree shape or bark texture
  • Will not girdle trees
  • Approved by leading universities and horticulturists

The tree wrap fabric easily wraps around trees of all shapes and sizes. It is designed to protect trees from harsh winter scorching, mice chewing the bark, trimmers, lawn mowers, deer and anything else that may threaten a trees bark.

What sets the Dewitt tree wrap apart from others is the fact that it is designed to naturally photo-degrade as time passes so prevent girdling and bark damage. As the tree grows the fabric slowly disintegrates, eliminating the need for removal and cleanup.

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs



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