Master Light Controller 12 X-Plug Outlet Plus 4 120V Outlet (120-240V)

Product Weight 24.00 Pounds
This master lighting controller features twelve 120/240V outlets and four 120V outlets. Features 4 separate circuit breakers for each bank of 4 outlets.
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Master Light Controller 12 X-Plug Outlet Plus 4 120V Outlet (120-240V)


Great for moderate to large indoor growing operations and much moremlc 12xp4 s




  • Twelve 120/240 Volt outlets
  • Four auxiliary 120 Volt outlets
  • Each bank of 4 lights is protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker
  • All auxiliary outlets are protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker
  • 3 year warranty

This massive bank of outlets is designed to control a large number of high-intensity discharge growing lamps. These can be high pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent or L.E.D. lights.


These 12 outlets are all 120/240 volts and are sectioned out into 3 different banks, each bank controlled by a 30 amp circuit breaker. The plugs are universal X-plugs which can take 120 or 240 volt plugs.


The sectionalized bank system gives the operator more control over the system and the ability to separate and shut down parts of the operation while keeping additional components running.


This master lighting controller also features 4 auxiliary 120V outlets that are controlled by a separate 15 amp circuit breaker. This entire unit is controlled by a single trigger cord which can be plugged into a 24 hour timer or control device. This can turn the entire operation on and off at specific times, great for a low maintenance operation set-up.




  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor growing operations
  • Garden lighting
  • Power control for sheds, barns, etc.
  • Workshop power control

Unit Ship Weight: 24 lbs



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