Independent Temp Humidity CO2 Controller (24 Hour)

Product Weight 4.00 Pounds
This controller triggers temperature and humidity regulating devices and also controls CO2 valves and generators. With day and night temperature settings.
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Independent Temp Humidity CO2 Controller (24 Hour)


Controls temperature, humidity and CO2 simultaneously and can run a heater at night





  • With a CO2 receptacle and independent temperature and humidity controlling receptacles
  • Features Day/Night temperature controls to save energy
  • With a night heating outlet for keeping the growing area steady all night
  • Photocell prevents CO2 outlets from activating when lights are out
  • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings
  • CO2 generators are shut off when ventilation equipment is running
  • Highly efficient operation of ventilation/cooling equipment and CO2 valves or generators
  • Rated at 15 amps @ 120 volts
  • 3 year warranty

This controller regulates the temperature and humidity by triggering outlets to power air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans and blowers. These triggers are set by two adjustable knobs for temperature and humidity.


It features day and night temperature settings as well as a nighttime heating outlet to keep the growing area consistent throughout the day and night. This device features independently controlled outlets for both temperature and humidity.


This device also features the ability to run CO2 generators or valves. CO2 is only run when the lights are on, because of the photoelectric cell, and only runs when the ventilation equipment is not activated, to save CO2.


This device also features a temperature probe which can give temperature readings at the growing site. This unique device is great for large or small growers and provides a stable growing environment.


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs



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