Badger Plus Auger Powerhead Multi-Purpose

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Product Weight 22.00 Pounds
This powerful auger powerhead is great for digging holes, drilling through ice, creating planting areas and much more. With a 2 horse power engine and easy to use controls.
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Badger Plus Auger Powerhead  Multi-Purpose

Ideal for a wide range of drilling and digging jobs3048-s


  • Powerful 2 horse power 49.2 cc two-stroke Tecumseh engine
  • Solid state ignition
  • Easy access choke and run/stop controls
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Wide stance contoured handles provide excellent leverage
  • Cushioned grips
  • Ideal for soil sampling and testing
  • Two stage, 28:1 gear box and centrifugal clutch for fast, powerful drilling
  • Augers sold separately

This auger is designed to dig and drill for many different tasks. It can be used to dig post holes, plant feeding holes, holes for planting, holes in ice for fishing and much more.

Different augers are available to perform different tasks. A 2” diameter auger is good for digging small post holes or deep plant feeding holes while a 12” diameter auger is good for digging holes for planting or for ice fishing.

The badger plus auger can run any of these sized augers and features easy to use controls and an easy start engine. With a powerful, two stage 28:1 gear box and centrifugal clutch for fast, powerful drilling. (Augers not included)

Unit Ship Weight: 22 lbs



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