HydroHut Silver Edition 4’ x 8’

SKU: HF-IG3028
Product Weight 81.00 Pounds
The HydroHut provides full environmental control for indoor growing. It has a reflective interior and a black exterior with vents and hanging rods.
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HydroHut Silver Edition 4’ x 8’


  • Grow, bloom, clone and nurse plants
  • Can be set up anywhere
  • 97.6% ultra-reflective, radiant blocking silver interior
  • 600 D outer canvas is durable and thick
  • HydroHut can be fitted with T5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescent lights and High Intensity Discharge lamps
  • Frame and corners are powder coated steel for a durable and corrosion resistant skeleton
  • Steel support poles provide strong hanging points for lights, ballasts, fans, etc.
  • Provides 100% environmental control
  • Holes are provided for vents, blowers, power cords, irrigation tubes and supplemental carbon dioxide
  • Flaps around the door and windows use Velcro for a secure bond
  • High quality outer material won’t rip with reinforced stress points
  • Dimensions: 55” x 110” x 84.5”

This improved design features everything needed for a versatile, complete indoor grow tent. The outer material has a black exterior, to prevent any light from escaping, and a silver interior for maximum light reflection. This ensures that your plant receives the full amount of light from your grow bulbs.

The frame is constructed from powder coated steel, which supports more weight than PVC with competing designs. It features steel support poles which can support heavy lights, blowers and ventilation.

This tent was designed specifically for indoor growing and features all of the openings, vents and doors needed for optimal growing operations. They can accommodate ventilation systems, ductwork, power cords, supplemental carbon dioxide and even passive air vents.

Set the HydroHut up anywhere thanks to its compact size and light blocking abilities. Many people even set them up in their basements, attics, garages and even closets. Great for anyone wanting to grow without the burdens of owning a greenhouse or outdoor garden space.

Unit Ship Weight: 81 lbs



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