Groundskeeper Trim Trash and Debris Bag 16” x 12”

Product Weight 1.00 Pounds
This trash and debris bag fits to almost any push or riding mower or tractor. It stays open and is great for holding debris or small hand tools.
Sales price $14.99

Groundskeeper Trim Trash and Debris Bag 10” x 12”

MBR_1-sThis handy mesh rider bag stays open for easy access and extra capacity. Great for storing trash and debris that is found during mowing or clean-up operations. Features strong nylon straps which wrap around the handle or secure to seat backs.

This makes them great for attaching to virtually any mowing machine, riding or push. It also comes with polycarbonate buckles for quick detachment. They come in black and are made from a rugged mesh material that is easily cleaned and dried.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb



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