300' Hose Reel Attachment for Kings Sprayers

This high pressure hose and reel mounts easily to a King's sprayer. It features 300 feet of high pressure hose rated up to 600psi and a manual rewind reel.
Sales price $659.99

300' Hose Reel Attachment for Kings Sprayers


  • 300 feet of high pressure hose
  • 3/8” hose is rated up to 600psi
  • 12” reel with a manual rewind handle
  • Easily mounts onto King’s sprayers

This hose reel attachment is great for large spraying areas or remote spraying applications. Many times a tree, crop or area needs to be sprayed but is inaccessible by vehicles. This long length of hose allows the user high pressure spraying abilities up to 300 feet away from the sprayer position.

When the spraying job is done the manual rewind reel quickly and easily rolls up the hose in an organized manner, ready for the next job. The hose features standard pipe fittings and easily hooks into the existing sprayer hose systems.

The reel mount and hose are corrosion resistant and are great for almost any spraying task including the application of pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide as well as fertilizers and cleaning agents.

Unit Ship Weight: 95 lbs



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