Udor Turbo Spray Gun with Atomizing Spray

SKU: KS-26901162
Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This sprayer is ideal for irrigation and pesticide applications. Also great for fungicide and herbicides. It produces an atomizing spray and is great for high pressures.
Sales price $164.99

Turbo Spray Gun with Atomizing Spray




  • Squeeze control spray gun provides an atomizing mist
  • Adjustable spray pattern control from cone to mist. 
  • Ideal for high pressure irrigation or watering
  • Produces an extremely fine misting spray
  • Features 8" barrel.

This spray gun is great for irrigation tasks as well as the application of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. To give complete spray coverage and a uniform spray solution this spray gun produces an atomizing spray.


This gives an extremely fine spray to give broad coverage and reduce water waste. With a squeeze control mechanism and a longer barrel for improved targeting.


Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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