Zenport Small Hand QF no. 6 Professional Pruner

Product Weight 1.00 Pounds
This pruner is designed to work well with people who have smaller hands. It provides the same precision, powerful cuts in a smaller, lightweight package.
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Zenport Small Hand QF no. 6 Professional Pruner


  • Designed for those with smaller hands
  • Overall length is 7.25”, weighs only 7.5oz
  • Cuts up to 0.8” stems
  • Small sized and lightweight, ideal for small plants and precise cutting jobs
  • Rugged design focuses all of the cutting power directly onto the blade
  • Great for small pruning work such as grape vines, shrubs, young trees and flowers
  • Screw mounted anvil blade is easily cleaned or replaced
  • Shorter blades allow for closer cuts

This pruner was designed for smaller handed people. It provides every bit of stability and precision cutting as other pruners only in a smaller, more manageable package. The handles are coated with a non-slip grip and are designed to provide maximum cutting with a smaller squeeze.

The anvil blade is designed to hold the stem in place while the curved blade slices through. It comes with a built-in locking mechanism and a spring to make pruning jobs fast and storage safe. This is a great tool for anyone but was designed with smaller, more delicate hands in mind.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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