Horiba IG-410 Ultra High Gloss Meter, Dual Range (0-1000 GU)

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Gloss and high gloss tester. Dual Measurement range 0 -100 GU and 0-1000 GU (Gloss Units). High gloss checker can now measure virtually anything including mirrors and polished metals. Comes with calibration plates ($700 Value).
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Horiba IG-410 Ultra High Gloss Meter, Dual Range (0-100, 0-1000 GU)

Dual range checker for gloss and high gloss finishes.

  • ig-410_SDual Measurement range of 0 -1000 GU high gloss or 0-100 GU (Gloss Units) normal gloss 
  • High gloss checker can now measure virtually anything including mirrors and polished metals.
  • 60 degree measurement range
  • One step calibration
  • Measure instantaneously from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished paints, coatings or waxes
  • Super long battery life of 200  hours or more of continuous use.
  • Comes with 0-100 GU & 0-1000 GU Calibration Plates ($700 Value!)
  • Small, super lightweight at 350g.
The new IG-410 now measures ultra high gloss surfaces such as polished metal. The meter has ten times greater measurement range than the conventional model. Now even mirror finishes can be measured too. The IG-410 has two user-selectable measurement ranges, depending on the sample to be measured. Low gloss samples can be measured using the 0-100 range and high gloss samples can be measured using the 0-1000 range. Two calibration plates are provided to allow the user to follow a simple one-touch calibration procedure to ensure reproducible results


Gloss value 100 is defined as specular reflectance in incident angle θ of the glass of reflectance index 1.567. With incident angle θ = 60°, specular reflectance is 10%,o r gloss value 100. Consequently gloss in specular reflectance 100% is calculated as 1000. Reflectance in many polished metals is 50% or more, some are 90% or more. Then measurement range is expanded up to 1000 in IG-410.


  • Mirrors. High gloss range allows you to measure the gloss units of mirrors.
  • Polished metal. Now you can measure polished metal gloss levels.
  • For measuring finish of metal rollers.
  • For research and development on wafer polishing devices
  • Sheen on leaves. Measure the waxy coating of leaves as a measure of quality.
  • Glass. Check the optical polish and refraction of glass including cleanliness.
  • Vehicles and machinery. HORIBA Gloss Checkers are used as a part of regular vehicle and equipment maintenance to check for wear of protective coating.
  • Masonry and building exteriors. HORIBA Gloss Checkers are handy when assuring uniform finish when using stone, wood, concrete, aluminum sashes and other materials.
  • Wood resin coatings. Inspect quality and deterioration on furniture and wooden products.
  • Film. Check quality of films such as greenhouse plastics for weathering.
  • Rubber. Check tires on your vehicles and equipment for wear and deterioration.
  • Leather. Check wear on leather.
  • Plastic molding surface inspection. Check the lustre and weathering on plastic. This can include outside moldings and even video screens.
  • Paint coatings and ink. Quality control, exposure tests and gloss inspection of finishes.
  • Evaluation of detergents. Check the quality and effectiveness of cleaning materials with a before and after gloss inspection.
  • Floor maintenance. Check the shine on your mopped floors to evaluate cleanliness.

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