Zenport ZenBori Soil Knife

SKU: ZP-K245
Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This knife is made with a stainless steel blade. It functions as a scoop, knife, saw and weeding tool. With a bright orange ABS plastic handle.
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Zenport ZenBori Soil Knife


  • Stainless steel blade acts as a knife, scoop and saw
  • ABS plastic handle provides excellent gripping and digging leverage
  • Bright orange handle is easy to spot in soil and grass
  • Great for:
    • Cutting roots
    • Transplanting
    • Digging
    • Plant separation
    • Tough weed removal

This knife is similar to the Japanese HoriHori knife but has been upgraded with an ABS plastic handle. This knife acts as a scoop, knife, saw and weeding tool. The blade is made from stainless steel to resist corrosion and for easy cleaning under a hose or other water source.

The saw teeth on one edge of the knife are ideal for cutting through thick roots while the other edge can slice through sod and smaller root clusters. This is the ideal tool for transplanting small plant sets as it can separate them out, dig the holes and remove any weeds from the surrounding area.

The handle is made from ABS plastic and is brightly colored to reduce the risk of misplacing the tool. Combined with the ZP-HJ245 Sheath it is a highly mobile and effective tool.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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