Zenport Weed Popper

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
The weed popper is made from heavy gauge polished aluminum and uses gravity and leverage to pop tough weeds out of the ground. With a comfortable, non-slip grip.
Sales price $9.99

Zenport Weed Popper


  • Designed for popping out thistles, dandelions and other tough weeds
  • Made from heavy gauge polished aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant and easy to clean
  • Unique shape goes into the roots and uses leverage to pop the entire weed out
  • Ergonomic grip is comfortable and provides excellent control

This tool was designed with one goal in mind, to remove difficult weeds, roots and all. Simply place the forked end into the root ball and push down on the handle. The unique design uses gravity and leverage to pop the weed out of the ground, roots and all.

This tool allows the user to quickly go from weed to weed, staying cleaner and using less effort to remove them. The polished aluminum construction is rugged, lightweight and corrosion resistant. The handle is designed to be comfortable, non-slip and ergonomic.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies.



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