Zenport 6 in 1 Multi-sharpener

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This sharpener is great for knives, scissors and pruners and features a tungsten carbide sharpening surface. With a comfort grip handle and built in hand guard.
Sales price $12.99

Zenport 6 in 1 Multi-sharpener


  • Sharpens pruners, scissors and knives
  • 8 inch long tungsten carbide sharpener
  • Unique design allows the user to sharpen the entire blade of pruners and scissors
  • Non-slip, soft grip
  • Built-in hand guard reduces the risk of injury

This sharpener is ideal for sharpening almost any tool around the house. It can sharpen scissors, pruners and knives and features extremely hard tungsten carbide sharpeners. The handle features a non-slip coating and is soft and comfortable.

It also has a built-in hand guard to prevent injury on blades being sharpened. The unique design puts excellent leverage into the sharpening and results in perfectly honed blades.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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