Zenport Clear Reinforced Safety Goggles

Product Weight 1.00 Pounds
These safety goggles feature a reinforced border and head strap, providing protection against moderate impacts as well as chemical splash and particles.
Sales price $9.99

Zenport Clear Reinforced Safety Goggles


  • Clear all the way around
  • Reinforced border and strap provides added impact resistance
  • Protects against particles, chemical splashes and moderate impacts
  • Reinforced strap is adjustable to fit any head size
  • Flexible and comfortable material conforms to the user’s face

These safety goggles are designed to provide protection against chemicals, particles and moderate impacts. Ideal for laboratory work, liquid chemical handling and workshops.

The clear design provides excellent visibility and reduces the “blinder” effect felt with many goggles. The reinforced border and strap give these goggles the ability to resist moderate impacts on top of the chemical and particle protection.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb



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