Horiba Oil Extraction Solvent – S-316

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Product Weight 4.00 Pounds
This solvent removes oil from water, soil and object surfaces. The resulting extract provides highly accurate oil content results with the OCMA-350 and OCMA-310. Weight of solvent 1.5kg.
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Horiba Oil Extraction Solvent – S-316 - 1.5kg


s-316-sThe S-316 solvent is for use with the OCMA-350 Oil Content Analyzer as well as the OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyzer. It is environmentally safe and highly-effective, able to extract oil components from oily water samples, soil samples or even hard surfaces. After the solvent dissolved the oils in the sample the extract is analyzed using IR absorbance, a non-dispersive infrared spectrophotometric technique which is specific to hydrocarbons such as oil.


All hydrocarbons, including oils, absorb infrared radiation at about 3.4 to 3.5 micrometers. As a result, units can measure any hydrocarbons in the extraction solvent quickly and accurately without distorted values due to the presence of the solvent.


Horiba’s S-316 solvent can even be recycled and used again with the aid of the optional SR-300 Solvent Reclaimer. This helps to cut measurements costs and protect the environment in the same action.


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs (Weight of solvent 1.5kg).



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