Dewitt Bulk Protective Pond Underliner 4 oz. 15’ x 300’

SKU: PU15300
Product Weight 135.00 Pounds
This underliner is installed underneath waterproof pond liners. It protects the pond liner from sharp objects, abrasive materials and provides extra support.
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Dewitt Bulk Protective Pond Underliner 4 oz. 15’ x 300’


  • 4.0 oz. fabric is rugged and puncture resistant
  • Non-woven, needle-punched fabric
  • Durable, clean and safe material for installation under pond liners
  • Longer lasting, stronger and safer alternative to using cardboard, newspapers, sand or old carpet padding
  • Protects waterproof pond liners from sharp objects and provides support over gaps soft areas
  • Convenient pre-cut sizes
  • Permanent

The pond underliner is designed to protect the waterproof pond liners often installed in man-made ponds, waterways and pools. It provides a barrier between the pond liner and sharp, abrasive objects underneath. Some of these objects are sharp rocks, gravel, ridges and more.

This underliner provides stability and a smooth area while supporting the pond liner that is often subjected to stress points due to the large volume of water above. Many ponds are constructed with cardboard, newspapers, sand and old carpet padding in an attempt to protect the pond liner. These often rot away, fall apart or are easily torn which can lead to trouble down the road. The Dewitt underliner is a permanent solution to provide a worry free foundation for your pond.

Unit Ship Weight: 135 lbs



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