SRW Penetrating Paver Sealant 5 Gallon

Product Weight 45.00 Pounds
This sealant provides a penetrating seal to pavers, concrete, segmental retaining walls, masonry, cultured stone, brick, granite, and limestone. Stops moisture and stabilizes joints.
Sales price $108.99

SRW Penetrating Paver Sealant 5 Gallon


  • Can be used on:
    • Pavers, brick, segmental retaining walls, masonry, concrete, cultured stone, granite, bluestone and limestone
  • Penetrates deep into hard surfaces for superior moisture protection
  • Can be used in interior or exterior applications
  • Minimizes salt/frost damage
  • UV resistant for long-term effectiveness
  • Easy to install

This penetrating sealant is designed to seal out moisture and increase the strength and lifespan of masonry, pavers, stones and concrete. Many problems with stone and masonry occur from water seeping in and freezing which causes cracking and spalling. This sealant eliminates these issues dramatically increasing the lifespan and strength of these materials.

This sealant don't drastically change the appearance or feel of these hard surfaces but acts as a deep penetrating sealant. This product is easily applied by rolling or spraying and even stabilizes sand and joints where ants and weeds can appear.

Unit Ship Weight: 45 lbs



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