Horiba Cardy Nitrate NO3- C-141 Replacement Sensor

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Replacement sensor for the C-141 - Horiba Cardy Nitrate ion tester. The meter has been discontinued but replacement sensors are still available.
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Horiba Cardy NO3- Nitrate C-141 Replacement Sensor


This is the replacement sensor for the Horiba Cardy C-141 Nitrate Ion Meter which has been discontinued.

The Cardy NO3 meter is very easy to use. Rather than a difficult chemical test procedure, measuring the NO3 ion concentration is as simple as placing a tiny sample of liquid on the meter's flat sensor as small asĀ  0.1ml, and reading the accurate digital display.

Highly Affordable

A whole Cardy system - meter, sensor and standards - costs much less than most ion-selective electrodes. The replacement sensors are many times less expensive. You even economize on samples and solutions since you need only a few drops to make the measurement. Cardy meters are high quality, low upkeep measuring instruments.

Main Uses:

  • Measuring leaf sap,
  • Measuring soil nitrate levels,
  • Measuring for excess nitrates in food.
  • Measuring foliar and hydroponic fertilizers.
  • Measuring concentrations in animal bodily fluids.
  • Measuring fruit juices and milk
  • Using the sample sheets as a swab, soaked in distilled water and wiping over a hard surface to measure surface nitrate levels.
Main Features

no3_2.jpg no3_4.gifThe measurement process simply involves placing the sample on the meter's flat sensor. Accurate measurements can be taken from samples as small as 0.1ml.

Automatic range switching gives a wide display range and facilitates highly precise measurements.

The meter employs a highly selective flat ion electrode. As it is unreceptive to other ions, the electrode takes highly accurate measurements of nitric acid ion concentrations. The new high molecular weight polymers are longer lasting and more resistant to contamination, giving you more troublefree service and saving money on replacements.

Ultrathin and lightweight, the meter can be easily carried to any location for on-site testing.

Unit ship weight: 0.5 Lbs



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