Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable
Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable
Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable
Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable

Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable

Product Weight 15.00 Pounds
This ballast can run bulbs up to 1000W and features a tri-mode dimming feature. It can operate vertically, horizontally and hanging for any growing environment.
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Phantom Digital Electronic Ballast 1000W 240V Dimmable


  • Tri-mode push-button dimmable feature provides exactly the light needed
  • Three operating configurations - vertical, horizontal, or hanging
  • Hot re-strike programming protects the lamp in the event of a power outage
  • Tested for compatibility with most brands of high intensity grow bulbs
  • Dual resettable breakers to protect lamp an household circuits
  • Only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation
  • Cool running design provides optimum grow space utilization
  • Drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth
  • Includes universal reflector adaptor and a 8 ft heavy duty cord
  • Phantom runs completely silent, unlike comparable magnetic ballasts
  • Patented lock & seal BAREF lamp cord installed
  • Internal RF protection
  • Triple surface aluminum fins provides the most efficient cooling in its class
  • Internal resin coating protects components
  • CSA certified

This ballast is on the cutting edge of digital growing control. It can power bulbs up to 1000W and is great for growing plants throughout their growth cycle with a Tri-mode dimming feature. This “intelligent” ballast utilizes both halide and sodium bulbs and can dim each of them to 60%, 75% and 100%.

The Phantom series of ballasts is designed specifically to meet the needs of modern growers and to protect valuable grow bulbs from unpredictable power sources. The Phantom ballasts run silently and feature extensive cooling fins for excellent heat reduction. The Phantom can also be run vertically, horizontally or hanging for better cooling and space utilization in limited growing areas.

What is a ballast?

A ballast helps growing bulbs, or high intensity discharge bulbs, such as high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs, to operate efficiently, smoothly and safely. The ballast helps to provide the proper starting and operating conditions for HID bulbs. This dramatically increases the effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan of these growing bulbs. Another benefit of ballasts is the increased power supply frequency, providing a smoother, more constant light source which is better for growing.

Note: Do not use with timer TM01240, also known as the Intermatic HB112. You must use the TMHDT104, or a lighting controller, such as the APCL4240.


Weight: 14.6 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 14.5L x 9.8W x 3.8H
Rated Wattage: 1000
Voltage: 240
Convertible: Yes
Rated Amperage: 4.5
Warranty: 3 yrs full, 2 yrs Pro-Rated
Bulb(s) Included?: No

Unit Ship Weight: 15 lbs



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