Powerhouse Convertible Ballast 400W 120/240V (HPS/MH)

SKU: HF-PH57372
Product Weight 34.00 Pounds
This ballast can run growing bulbs at 400W and is convertible between high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. Runs with 120 or 240 volts.
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Powerhouse Convertible Ballast 400W 120/240V (HPS/MH)


  • Designed to drive either sodium or halide bulbs properly with separate wire leads
  • Simple switch converts ballast from sodium to halide power
  • Convenient dual voltage feature
  • North American brand components
  • Every unit factory tested
  • 8 year warranty on ballast electrical components
  • Compatible with many types of reflectors
  • Air coolable with optional flange kit and fan
  • Can be operated watertight or vented
  • All aluminum construction
  • Transformers engineered to the exacting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications
  • Ballast size: 11.5” (13.5” with handle) x 7.5” x 8.5”

This ballast is designed with a unique high and low component design, acting as a tower to promote natural convection cooling. This configuration also takes up less space in grow areas and features versatile mounting options to suit any operation. It features an all aluminum casing and features interior component separation for cooler operation.

It features a dual voltage option to allow the user to run their lamps at either 120 or 240V, whichever is more convenient. This makes the Powerhouse ballast one of the most versatile and easy to use ballasts on the market. This particular model also allows the user to choose between metal halide or high pressure sodium bulb operation, covering a wide spectrum of growing light.

What is a ballast?

A ballast helps growing bulbs, or high intensity discharge bulbs, such as high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs, to operate efficiently, smoothly and safely. The ballast helps to provide the proper starting and operating conditions for HID bulbs. This dramatically increases the effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan of these growing bulbs. Another benefit of ballasts is the increased power supply frequency, providing a smoother, more constant light source which is better for growing.


Weight: 33.0 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 22.4L x 10.5W x 10.6H
Rated Wattage: 400
Voltage: 120/240
Convertible: Yes
Rated Amperage: 3.8
ANSI: S51/M59
Warranty: 8 Year
Wire Gauge (AWG): 16/3

Unit Ship Weight: 34 lbs



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