Botanicare 25 Plant Clone Machine

Product Weight 11.00 Pounds
The Clone Machine is a compact system for rooting and growing clones of existing plants. It features neoprene collars, a submersible pump and sprayers.
Sales price $159.99

Botanicare 25 Plant Clone Machine


  • Cost efficient and practical cloning device
  • True aeroponic mist application
  • Ensures the best rooting and aeration to achieve optimum results
  • Clone machine comes with
    • Submersible pump
    • Neoprene inserts
    • Power Clone Solution
    • Hydroguard
  • Dimensions: 12.75”W x 12.75”D x 11.25”H

The Clone Machine is designed to quickly and effectively grow multiple clones of plants simultaneously. This compact system features everything needed to provide aeration and rooting of multiple clones. The clone machine features a lower reservoir, pump and spraying manifold to keep plant roots moist and fed.

The neoprene collars gently hold each clone in place while it is allowed to root inside of the cloning machine. The lower part of the plant is kept moist and provided with the necessary nutrients needed to promote root growth from simple cuttings. The Clone Machine works best with 16 to 18 hours of fluorescent lighting for cuttings as well as misting of the leaves once or twice daily.

Unit Ship Weight: 11 lbs



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