Daisy Cloner System 8 Plant Site

Product Weight 5.00 Pounds
The Daisy Cloner system grows up to 8 plants and provides high-pressure mist onto the roots. This provides all the moisture and nutrients needed for plants to grow quickly.
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Daisy Cloner System 8 Plant Site


  • Aeroponic mist application ensures optimal atmosphere for rooting and root aeration
  • Automated system does the work
  • High-pressure micro-mist provides aggressive root growth
  • Reservoir holds approximately 3 gallons
  • Grow smaller plants from a cutting to maturity
  • Included with the Daisy Cloner:
    • Aeroponics submersible pump
    • Net pots
    • Rootguard Neoprene collars
    • 2 inch plant sites

This complete system was designed specifically for medium-free growing of plants. It features a high-pressure micro-mist that coats roots and allows plants to take in as much moisture and nutrients as they like. The result is aggressive growth and excellent success rates.

Included with the Daisy Cloner is a submersible pump, which is UL-listed and runs at 120V, net cups, neoprene collars and a 1 year warranty. The large reservoir holds approximately 3 gallons which keeps plants growing for longer than other systems on the market. For best results an exterior fluorescent grow light should be used for 16-24 hours at 8-12 inches above the cloner.

Dimensions: 8” high x 10” wide

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs



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