Turbo Garden Aeroponic Growing System

Product Weight 53.00 Pounds
This complete aeroponic system is designed to periodically mist plants with water or nutrient solutions. The excess liquid falls back to the lower reservoir.
Sales price $499.99

Turbo Garden Aeroponic Growing System


  • Multi-method hydrogarden is ideal for propagating plants
  • Also great for nourishing and watering seedlings
  • Holds a 14 plant neoprene holding tray
  • Pump in lower reservoir periodically mists the roots, uniformly watering all the plants
  • When using a nutrient solution the plants are fed and watered simultaneously
  • The lower reservoir is easy to access and easy to drain into

This system is designed to automatically water and feed plants in an upper growing tray. The pump housed in the lower reservoir periodically pumps water or nutrient solutions through misters and . This uniformly waters all of the plants in the tray before the remaining liquid is completely drained back into the lower reservoir.

The aeroponic misting action of this system is the easy and effective way to grow exceptional plants anywhere. This system also provides the added ability to grow during the winter months when outdoor growing may be impractical. This system is easy to clean and is designed to be a compact garden that anyone can use.

Unit Ship Weight: 53 lbs



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