Vortex Sprayer for the RanForest 66, 236, 318, 242 Systems

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Product Weight 3.00 Pounds
The Vortex Sprayer works with multiple RainForest systems and is the brains behind the excellent growing success. It circulates and oxygenates nutrient solutions.
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Vortex Sprayer for the RanForest 66, 236, 318, 242 Systems


  • Spinning shaft creates a powerful eddy that not only stirs and lifts nutrients but also oxygenates
  • Gently and evenly distributes nutrients and oxygen to plant cuttings and root systems
  • Faster, more consistent propagation results
  • Quicker growth rates and higher crop yields
  • Each RainForest system comes standard with the Vortex Sprayer
  • DC 12V

This sprayer is designed for use with the RainForest 66, 318, 236 and 242 systems. It gently circulates and oxygenates nutrients and creates a powerful eddy to coat roots of cuttings and seedlings.

The vortex sprayer is the key to the RainForest Growing System as it drives the circulation and aeration of the nutrient solution. This sprayer helps to increase crop yields, provide quicker growth rates and ensure more consistent propagation results.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs



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