Hydrofarm Micro-Pore Hog Air Diffusing Aerator (Pack of 2)

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This diffuser is great for aerating and oxygenating liquids in tanks or reservoirs. It uses micro-pores to create millions of tiny bubbles in solutions.
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Hydrofarm Micro-Pore Hog Air Diffusing Aerator (Pack of 2)


  • Custom glass-fired air diffuser
  • Creates incredibly small bubbles
  • Significantly increases oxygen ratios as the surface area is increased so much
  • Micro-pore diffusers will not break down or clog like other cheaper air stones
  • Made from high quality ceramics that will not corrode or degrade
  • Great for aerating water or nutrient solutions used in growing plants
  • Also works well in large tanks and aquariums
  • Dimensions: 1” x 6”

The Micro-pore Hog air diffuser is designed with oxygenation and aeration in mind. As air is pumped into the diffuser it produces extremely small bubbles in large quantities which provide a huge air to water surface area. This huge surface area is where the oxygenation and aeration of water occurs, and the more surface area you have the easier it is for water to absorb oxygen.

This diffuser is great for use with water and nutrient solutions used for growing plants as it keeps the water aerated which is beneficial for healthy plant growth. It can also be used in aquariums or other water storage systems that should be well aerated and oxygenated.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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