Hydrofarm Ring Air Diffuser 7” with Mesh Bag (Pack of 2)

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Product Weight 4.00 Pounds
This diffuser ring creates millions of tiny bubbles and keeps water and solutions well aerated and oxygenated. Great growing systems and aquariums.
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Hydrofarm Ring Air Diffuser 7” with Mesh Bag (Pack of 2)


  • 7” diameter ring air diffuser creates a larger diffusion footprint
  • Creates millions of tiny bubbles around the ring
  • Smaller bubbles increase the surface area and in turn the oxygenation and aeration of water
  • Provides 48 square inches of surface area over a total length of 18”
  • Recommended for use with ¾” or 1” tubing
  • Includes mesh bag to keep large dirt and debris from slowing the diffusion and aeration process

This unique diffuser is designed to provide huge numbers of tiny bubbles and to aerate and oxygenate liquids. The smaller bubbles and increased surface area increase the rate of oxygen absorption by the water or solution and help to quickly aerate large tanks.

Water and nutrient solutions meant for growing plants should be kept well aerated for optimal growth and plant health. This diffuser ring can also be used in other similar applications such as aquariums and other water storage tanks.

This ring should be used with ¾” or 1” tubing and can be used with practically any air pump. Included with the ring air diffuser is a fine mesh bag that completely encloses the ring diffuser. This keeps larger particles from coming in contact with the fine pores of the diffuser ring and also helps to spread the bubbles out even more.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs



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