Eliminator Complete Reverse Osmosis System 200 GPD

Product Weight 14.00 Pounds
This system utilizes a sediment filter, carbon block filter and a reverse osmosis membrane to produce extremely pure water that is suitable for almost any application.
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Eliminator Complete Reverse Osmosis System 200 GPD


  • Uses two 100 gallon per day high-rejection thin-film membranes to produce up to 200 gallons per day
  • High efficiency 1-micron sediment filter
  • Highest capacity 1-micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides and other organic pollutants
  • Low-waste reverse osmosis system specifically designed for hydroponic, vegetable and flower gardens
  • Features an automatic shut-off valve to save water
  • Float valve for unattended operation
  • Manual flush valve for longer membrane life
  • 2:1 waste ratio and adjustable flow restrictor produces 50% less waste water
  • In-line shut-off valve
  • Clear filter cylinders allow the user to keep an eye on filters

This complete water purification system features three proven techniques for producing high-quality, clean water. This system features a high-rejection thin film reverse osmosis membrane which only allows extremely small molecules, such as water molecules, to pass through.

Before water sees the membrane it first passes through a 1-micron sediment filter which removes most particle matter in water. Water then passes through a 1-micron carbon block pre-filter which eliminates herbicides, organic pollutants and chlorine, which can damage reverse osmosis membranes. This clean water then passes through the RO membrane and is among the most pure water available.


  • Drinking
  • Agricultural applications
  • Cooking
  • Home use

Unit Ship Weight: 14 lbs



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