Eliminator Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Housing 100 GPD

Product Weight 1.00 Pounds
This reverse osmosis membrane comes with its own casing and the appropriate fittings. It is for use with the Eliminator RO System and produces extremely pure water.
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Eliminator Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Housing 100 GPD


  • Designed to work with the Eliminator Reverse Osmosis Systems (EL100LP, EL200LP)
  • Encapsulated reverse osmosis membrane comes with fittings and casing
  • Updates the old encapsulated membrane system
  • Uses standard 2” x 2” replacement TFC (thin-film composite) membrane elements
  • Produces rated gallon per day plus 20% at 60 PSI (Old 100 GPD produces 120 GPD)
  • Membrane is semi-permeable and only allows water molecules through
  • Provides extremely clean, pure water that is great for irrigation or drinking

This reverse osmosis membrane is designed to replace old membranes in the Eliminator purification system. The reverse osmosis membrane is the last step in a 3 step purification system that includes a sediment filter, carbon block filter and the RO membrane.

The membrane is designed to only let extremely small molecules such as water pass through. This removes almost all contaminants and is the “finishing” step to 3 trusted purification techniques.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb



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