Pro Filter Reversible Carbon Air Filter 75cm (30”) 640 CFM

Product Weight 80.00 Pounds
This filter is designed to filter air from both ends to increase the lifespan vs other similar carbon filters. Utilizes 100% of the carbon, 35% more than some filters.
Sales price $258.99

Pro Filter Reversible Carbon Air Filter 75cm (30”) 640 CFM


  • Utilizes 100% of the carbon
  • Reversible carbon filter allows the user to switch between the two ends
  • Once one end of the filter has been filtered through the other can have the flange installed for renewed clean carbon filtration
  • Manufactured with only the finest TC940 virgin 4mm grain sized carbon
  • Effectively removes 99.5% of odors
  • Rated for continuous worry-free operation
  • Available in seven different sizes and CFM ratings
  • Great for commercial or residential applications

The Pro Carbon Filter is designed to remove almost all of the odors and most of the particles from air. The Pro Filter is designed to be reversible to increase the utilization of the carbon. Most air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter which leaves the bottom section essentially unused.

The Pro Filter uses an innovative patented design that allows the user to reverse the filter, benefitting from the use of 100% of the carbon available. This reversible design effectively extends the units life span and gives the user their money’s worth.

Note: Flange kit and cap sold separately:


  • Flow Rate: 640 CFM
  • Flange: 6” or 8”
  • Outside diameter: 15”
  • Height: 30”

Unit Ship Weight: 80 lbs



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