Botanicare ZHO Root Inoculant Growth Booster (1 lb)

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This inoculant brings beneficial fungi to the root zone. These include Endomychorrizal and Trichoderma fungi. They significantly improve plant growth, vigor and production potential. Only 1/4 tsp. required twice per growing season.
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Botanicare ZHO Root Inoculant Growth Booster (1 lb)


  • Contains Endomychorrizal and Trichoderma fungi
  • These fungi naturally build a microbial system in and around plant roots
  • Significantly improves a plants growth, vigor and production
  • Contains special amino acids designed to intensify the rhizobial activity that ZHO ignites
  • Application rate of ¼ teaspoon twice during the growing cycle

This root inoculant is designed to bring beneficial fungi into the root zone. It contains Endomychorrizal and Trichoderma fungi that naturally develop a symbiotic relationship with the plant. These fungi help the plant to take in nutrients and the plant helps the fungi to survive.

This process greatly improves the plant’s growth, vigor, and production capabilities. As an added bonus, ZHO contains special amino acids that intensify the rhizobial activity even more. Only ¼ teaspoon is required twice during the growth cycle and the plant’s vitality and development will be greatly improved.

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