Gold Range ADD.27 Grow Performance Booster (5 Liter)

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Product Weight 14.00 Pounds
This performance boosting nutrient helps plants to fully utilize the minerals and nutrients available. It optimizes the growing and production potential of each plant by boosting the performance of existing nutrients.
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Gold Range ADD.27 Grow Performance Booster (5 Liter)


  • Significantly improves growing nutrient performance
  • Clinically proven and field tested with amazing results
  • Designed with new anti-stress protein based chelation technology
  • Works with all nutrients in any growing system with any growing medium
  • Designed to take regular mineral fertilizers and deliver a more effective and powerful mineral nutrition
  • Optimizes the rate of cytoplasmic streaming to better deliver minerals, enzymes, cofactors, etc. throughout the plant
  • Truly universal formula is great for any system, any growing media

This performance boosting nutrient allows plants to better take advantage of mineral nutrients. It features a new anti-stress protein based chelation that makes nutrients readily available for use by the plant. With traditional growing much of the nutrients in the soil is only partially utilized by the plant. This inefficiency has been corrected with this amazing mixture as it unlocks your nutrient’s real power.

By helping to optimize the rate of cytoplasmic streaming, this mixture improves the movement and utilization of minerals, enzymes, cofactors and more inside of the plant. This brings the plant’s growth and yields up to where they have the potential to be and makes the entire growing system more efficient and effective. It can be used in any growing system, including hydroponics, ebb and flow, and drip systems, as well as with any kind of growing media.

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