Diamond Nectar Liquid Premium Organic Fulvic Acid (55 Gal.)

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This liquid fulvic acid supplement accelerates nutrient absorption through mineral chelation. It uses the low molecular weight fulvic acid to transport heavier nutrients into plant tissue, stimulating growth and improving yields.
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Diamond Nectar Liquid Premium Organic Fulvic Acid (55 Gal.)




  • Accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots
  • Utilizes a natural process called mineral chelation to make nutrients available for use by plants
  • Brings immobile and molecularly heavy minerals and transports them into plant tissue
  • Results in faster growth and bigger, better yields
  • Extracted from naturally mined Leonardite
  • pH buffered to 5.8 to 6.2, which is the range for best plant growth
  • Ideal for use with all kinds of plants
  • Great for any growing medium as well as with hydroponic applications
  • NPK ratio: 0-1-1

This growing supplement is made with Fulvic acid, or low molecular weight Humic acid. This compound helps to facilitate the transfer of nutrients from soils and growing media to plant tissue. Diamond Nectar essentially supercharges the growing capabilities of any nutrients being used. It utilizes mineral chelation that makes nutrients more available for plant use.


Diamond Nectar is extracted from naturally mined Leonardite, which is the result of ancient peat bogs. It is pH buffered in the optimal plant growth range of 5.8 to 6.2 pH. It can be used in any growing medium and is even great for use in hydroponic growing systems.


Note: This product must be ordered in pallet quantities of 4.


Unit Ship Weight: 487 lbs



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