Sea Cal Calcium Growing Supplement (32 oz)

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Sea Cal is a calcium growing supplement that also includes a boost of nitrogen as well as Potassium silicate and Humic acid. It helps to strengthen cell walls and aids in the vegetative and flowering growth of plants throughout their lives.
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Sea Cal Calcium Growing Supplement (32 oz)




  • Powerful calcium additive for hydroponics and all growing mediums
  • Offers vital nitrogen and calcium in ratios necessary during early plant development
  • Easily utilized calcium source is important for vegetation and flowering as it aids in cell wall structure and permeability
  • Also contains Potassium silicate and Humic acid
  • Helps to strengthen and thicken cell walls, protecting the plant from extreme temperatures, plant stress, harmful fungi and dangerous pathogens
  • Ideal for use as a foliar spray
  • Improves flower production, plant structure and provides heavy fruit yields
  • NPK ratio: 2-0-0
  • Derived from Ammonium Nitrate, Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Calcium Gluconate

This calcium supplement is designed to strengthen cell walls, improve the quality of yields and to provide resistance from high temperatures, fungi and pathogens. It is formulated for use with hydroponics and growing mediums and should be used in conjunction with other nutrients.


This supplement also contains potassium silicate and humic acid which helps to strengthen cell walls and improve the strength of the plant structure. This supplement is great for use throughout the growing cycle as it is beneficial for vegetative and flowering growth.  It contains a dose of nitrogen and is easily absorbed by plants.




  • General Application: Apply 1-5 mL per gallon of water or nutrient solution.
  • Hydroponics Application: Apply 1-5 mL per gallon of nutrient solution along with your base nutrients and other additives.
  • Foliar Application: Apply 5-10 mL per gallon of finished spray solution. Agitate thoroughly and do not spray in direct sunlight or H.I.D. light to avoid leaf burn.
  • Apply every 1-2 weeks.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:


  • 0.50% Humic Acid (Derived From: Leonardite)
  • 0.10% Silicate (Si) derived from Potassium Silicate

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