Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzymatic Formula (1 Liter)

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Hygrozyme is a strong horticultural enzymatic formula that acts as a catalyst for plant growth. It increases the chemical reactions that result in more plant food and more easily utilized nutrients.
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Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzymatic Formula (1 Liter)




  • Natural and environmentally friendly growth catalyst
  • Speeds up chemical reactions in plants, improving growth abilities
  • Enzymes eat dead protein in the growing medium
  • Eliminates areas where illness develops
  • Plants are better able to obtain and utilize nutrients thanks to this breakdown process
  • Results in more nutrients, less attacks on plants, bigger, stronger and faster growth


Hygrozyme® is a concentrated enzyme formula and is an essential addition to any grow system. With over 20 years of medical and horticultural enzyme formulation and production experience, SIPCO perfected a proprietary formula to help plants reach their full genetic potential. Hygrozyme provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. This process helps plants thrive by stimulating new root growth and nutrient absorption while unlocking additional nutrients to support and feed beneficial microbes.


For more information please visit: http://hygrozyme.com/


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