Weston 3-Tier Jerky Drying Rack

SKU: WS-07-0155-W
Product Weight 8.00 Pounds
The Weston 3-Tier Jerky Drying Rack allows anyone to dry jerky, fruits, and vegetables in a standard oven. It has non-stick surfaces and features over 700 square inches of drying space.
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Weston 3-Tier Jerky Drying Rack




  • Non-stick drying rack dries jerky right in the oven
  • Includes 3 non-stick, stackable drying racks and baking pan to catch dropping pieces of meat or liquid
  • Racks measure 16 ¾” by 14”
  • Provides over 700 square inches of drying space
  • Rack legs are collapsible for easy storage
  • Non-stick surfaces are all easy to clean after use
  • Can also be used to dry fruit and vegetables in an oven

This 3-tier drying rack is designed for use in any oven. It allows the user to dry foods such as jerky, fruits, and vegetables. Drying food is a great form of preservation that does not reduce nutrients or damage taste. It also helps to keep food fresh for longer periods without the use of preservatives.


This drying rack features 3 non-stock wire racks that provide over 700 square inches of drying space combined. When not in use, the legs collapse for easy storage. This unit is ideal for any cook, sportsman, or gardener wanting a more natural way to preserve food.


Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs



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