Square Germination Plug Trays 12 x 24, 288 Cells (50 Trays)

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Product Weight 40.00 Pounds
These plug trays are a cost effective and efficient way to germinate large numbers of plants. They are made with mostly recycled material and include 50 trays with each order.
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Square Germination Plug Trays 12 x 24, 288 Cells (50 Trays)


Features: plugtray-s


  • Cell Dimensions: 0.76 inch wide top, 1.25 inch depth, 0.25 inch vent/drainage hole
  • Made from mostly recycled materials 
  • Tray size is 11 inches x 21.5 inches, perimeter trim size is 10.94 inches x 21.44 inches
  • Vertical "root rib" design promotes root growth downward 
  • Punched drainage holes in the bottom of each cell eliminate overwatering 
  • Square corners and deeper cells
  • Formed edges are precisely centered as are the punched drain holes
  • Rot and corrosion resistant 
  • Ideal for germinating plants of almost any kind 
  • Includes 50 trays with 288 cells in each tray (14,400 cells total)

These plug trays are designed to germinate stronger, healthier plants in large numbers. They are made with black, mostly recycled materials that hold up very well to any sort of growing environment. They feature "root ribs" that help direct root growth downward which translates into more stable and healthy plants. They are an inexpensive and highly effective way to germinate large quantities of plants that can then be transplanted easily.



With a single order of these trays the user can germinate 14,400 individual plants which equates to about 0.5 cents per germinated plant. These trays are also designed with holes punched at the bottom of each cell for easy drainage of excess water to avoid overwatering. 


Unit Ship Weight: 40 lbs



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