Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System
Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System
Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System
Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System

Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System

Product Weight 4.00 Pounds
High-powered laser system constantly changes laser patterns which startles and confuses birds. Safely and effectively scares them away.
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Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System 



Features:outdoorlaser s 

  • 1-5 milliwatt tri-colored fat-beamed laser power
  • Constantly changing laser pattern always keeps from acclimating 
  • Weather-proof housing is great for outdoor bird repelling 
  • State-of-the-art, fully registered and consumer-safe device
  • Doesn't harm animals, merely startles and confuses them with laser light
  • Great for use both day and night 
  • Remote controlled system makes bird repelling easy and convenient
  • Includes an optional timer function 
  • Comes with a spike stand for fast, secure installation in the ground 


The Outdoor Laser Bird Repelling System is a safe, economical, and highly effective means of repelling birds. It casts a constantly changing laser pattern with red, green and yellow light. The ever-changing laser pattern confuses birds and doesn't let them acclimate to the light.


The Laser Bird Repelling System doesn't physically harm any animal but effectively startles and confuses them. This bright, moving light doesn't allow birds to loiter comfortably and is a great way of repelling pest birds from a large area. 


This system allows the user to remotely control the laser system and an optional timer function provides hands-off operation. It includes a mounting spike that can quickly and securely mount the laser system into the ground to cover a given area. The weather-proof housing is great for day and night use and works year-round. 



  • Product Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 8"
  • Weight: 3.31 lbs/1.5 kg
  • Laser Power: Red: 650 nm 100 mW, Green: 532 nm 50 mW
  • Unit Power: 1 mW RED + 1 mW GREEN
  • Laser Color: Red + Green
  • Power: AC 100 v - 240 v, at 50/60 Hz
  • Electric Current: 100 mA
  • Classification: 3 R
  • Fuse: 2 A
  • Housing: Casting aluminium
  • Beam Divergence: 60°
  • Operating Temperature: -68 – 104°F/-20 – 40°C
  • Safe Temperature for Use: -50 – 95°F/-10 – 35°C


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs



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