Jackson Swivel Reel Hose Cart

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This swivel reel hose cart features a reel that swivels for reeling and spooling from any direction, regardless of where the cart is pointing. Can hold 400' of 5/8" hose.

Jackson Swivel Reel Hose Cart

This versatile hose cart features a swiveling reel which lets you spool out or wind up the hose from any direction no matter which way the handle is facing. This is a great cart to have especially when working in tight areas such as garden paths where you can't necessarily point the cart.

Made with heavy duty tubular steel and with a reel that can hold up to 400' of 5/8" hose. With pneumatic tires for rough, uneven terrain and with rubber front feet for secure anchoring and stability on any surface.

Unit Ship Weight: 45 lbs

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