John Bean/FMC 3 Point Hitch Air Sprayer 100 Gal Tank

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This John Bean Air Sprayer features a 100 gallon tank and can spray an extremely large area using high speed air movement to carry a fine mist high into trees or far over row crops. FREE SHIPPING!

John Bean/FMC 3 Point Hitch Air Sprayer 100 Gal Tank



  • Tank -
    • 100 gallon (378L) poly with hydro-pneumatic injector/agitator.
    • Fully emptying.
    • Screw-on lid with air vents.
    • Plastic basket-type filler strainer.
    • Tank level sight gauge.
    • Separate six gallon safety hand and eye wash tank.
  • Fan -
    • 32" (.81M) diameter seven blade axial flow with air flow corrector feature to give air pattern uniformity on both left and right sides, and deliver increased air performance.
    • Nylon construction.
    • Manually adjustable 20, 30, or 40 degree pitch.
  • Power - Single speed with neutral gearbox provides 2160 fan RPM at 540 RPM of PTO shaft.
  • Controls - Left and right spray control valves. Adjustable diaphragm type relief valve.
  • Pump -
    • Model APS71, thru shaft to gearbox for direct fan drive.
    • Three buna diaphragms.
    • Capacity 18.9 GPM (71.4L) at 580 PSI (38.86 bar).
    • Anodized aluminum case.
    • Internal parts sealed in oil.
  • Nozzles -
    • 14 JBS turnover brass nozzles with check valves and ceramic discs and whirl plates.
    • On/off control on each nozzle.
  • Manifolds - Stainless steel.
  • Suction Strainer - External frame mounted with cylindrical stainless steel filter.
  • Pressure Gauge - 0-1150 PSI (0-80 bar).
  • Three Point Hitch - Category 1 or 2, PTO Shaft (C26-92).

John Bean Air Sprayers are designed to provide an excellent coverage area of extremely fine mist. This provides the user the ability to spray pest control substances, foliar fertilizers, and practically any other liquid onto plants of almost any size. The circular spray pattern of this sprayer is ideal for spraying crops as the user drives up and down rows. It can also effectively spray and coat large or small trees right from the back of a tractor or on a trailer.

This air sprayer utilizes high speed air movement to carry the fine spray high up and for long distances. This amazing potential means the user can accomplish much more from each spraying pass. Air sprayers, often called "airblast sprayers" have already gained popularity with many orchards and agricultural operations and the John Bean brand is among the most trusted.


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