Jump Start Growing System Stand Only 2ft

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This stand is for use with the Jump Start system and is made with rugged aluminum. Simple quick connectors allow this entire stand to be assembled in minutes.

Jump Start Growing System Stand Only 2’


  • Grow seedlings faster with this adjustable system
  • Maximize plant growth with a simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment
  • Keeps light close to plants with exact height adjustments
  • Saves time and money with highly efficient T5 bulbs and a super reflective internal finish
  • Easy to use and assembles in minutes
  • Stand is made from durable aluminum and assembles in minutes
  • Different lights can be used with this stand

This stand for the Jump Start system is made from high quality aluminum and is designed to support grow lights multiple 2’ grow lights. This stand allows plants to grow at their own pace while keeping the light at just the right distance the entire time.

This concept helps to save time and money as it maximizes the lights effectiveness while being fast and easy to adjust as plants grow. The stand is colored green and slides together with simple quick connectors. A rugged and easy to use system that has been proven to work.

Note: This is only the stand, the grow lights and bulbs are sold separately.



3.8 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

2.4L x 3.8W x 28.4H


1 Year

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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