Jump Start Modular Complete 4 Lamp Growing System (2 foot)

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This T5 indoor lighting system features 4 bulbs in a modular fixture that can be changed and adapted to fit almost any growing situation. It comes with 4 legs to create a standing light or can be hung above larger plants.

Jump Start Modular Complete 4 Lamp Growing System (2 foot)


  • 4 bulb growing system provides bring growing light in a compact package
  • Can be used as a standing system (with the included 18” legs)
  • Can be hung above plants with the built-in hangers
  • Ideal for growing plants of all kinds indoors throughout the year
  • Complete kit includes:
    • 4 full spectrum, 6400k T5 lamps
    • 4 lightweight reflectors
    • 2 docks
    • 4 legs (18” each)
    • 3 link cords
    • 6’ power cord with inline ON/OFF switch
  • Comes pre-assembled with everything needed to grow
  • Fits perfectly over propagation trays, most domes and small to medium containers

The Jump Start T5 Modular System gives the user total control of the light received by plants. The high output, energy efficient T5 lamps ensure that plants get the light needed for robust growth.

This system allows the user multiple choices for their growing operation. The system can be hung above plants with the built-in hangers and it can also be mounted on the four 18” legs to make a standing light system. This modular system allows the user to create their own lighting system with the ability to only use some of the lights or all 4.

This growing system is ideal for growing plants inside all year round. Delicate plants such as flowers and herbs can be grown with ease away from the wind and animals. Vegetables can be grown all year round or given an early start to the growing season for later transplant outside. This system provides the user with a cost-effective and versatile growing option.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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