Jump Start T5 Strip Fixture with Lamp (2 ft)

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This slim T5 grow lighting fixture allows the user to grow plants inside all year round. It comes with a 6400k T5 bulb, built-in electronic ballast, hanging clips and a power cord. Economic, energy efficient and highly effective.

Jump Start T5 Strip Fixture with Lamp (2 ft)


  • Individual strip fixture comes with 6400k T5 Fluorescent Lamp
  • For use as a stand-alone light or as a part of a modular Jump Start grow lighting system
  • Included:
    • High output, 6400k T5 lamp
    • Built-in electronic ballast
    • Hanging clips
    • Power cord
  • Allows the user to grow plants indoors year-round
  • High output bulb and strip fixture can grow plants almost anywhere
  • Lightweight fixture is easy to hang in any orientation

This strip fixture is a single T5 grow lighting system that holds a single lamp. It comes with a 6400k T5 lamp that is great for growing all year long. This high output is energy efficient and produces very little heat which makes it ideal for indoor growing applications.

It feautres a built-in electronic ballast to provide a smoother, more even light that plants can take better advantage of. It is also very lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for hanging in closets, under cabinets and almost anywhere else. 

This fixture is thin and compact featuring a built-in electronic ballast. It can be used almost anywhere such as windowsills, counter tops, basements and practically anywhere else. This compact, economical and effective grow light fixture allows the user to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs all year long.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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