Kelway Acidity Testing Meter for Soil

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The Kelway Acidity Testing Meter is a portable scientific meter that tests the acidity in soils. It requires no batteries and should be used with slightly moist soil to get dependable readings.

Kelway Acidity Testing Meter for Soil




  • Measures the acidity of soils 
  • Correct pH is vital for the optimal growth of many plants 
  • Easy to test soil by simply pressing the tip into slightly moist soil 
  • Requires no batteries 
  • Popular among universities and rose growers 

This soil pH meter is from the same great maker of the HB2 meter. This is a lighter-duty tester that is just as accurate as the HB2 but more suitable for field work and portability. It is accurate to within a +/- .2 pH in acidic soils and requires no batteries for use.


It is popular among universities and rose growers as roses require specific pH levels for optimal growth. This meter lasts for years when properly cared for. It should be used in slightly moistened soil to get readouts you can depend on.


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